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2020 Summer Stars kicked off this weekend

Pictured above, it's safe to say the Stars coaches were pumped to be on the ice this weekend!  Melissa Black, Jillian Gibbs, Kyra Yu, Becky Salyards and Shannon Nadeau

Five age groups, almost 100 girls.  Players were all smiles, ice was busy and they came off red faced.  The new normal in the rink is all good.  Thanks to Cairns Arena staff for helping us all make it happen!

2020 Stars Spring Program Status - Summer Stars is good to go!

June 16th update

Cairns Is OPEN and the Stars 2020 Spring Program will be happening!!! It will be more appropriately named the "Stars Summer 2020 Program."  We have a start date of  the weekend of June 27th and extended the finish approximately mid August.  

***The Calendar is up to date through July 26.  You will see practices listed as Group A, B, C, D & E.   You will be emailed with your group letter.  Please note there are some mixed age groups so pay attention to the group letter you are emailed.  You can only attend your assigned times.  More practices will be added going into August.***

The rinks have many restrictions and  protocols to follow but we are all moving in a positive direction.  Emails with detailed information went out to all pre-registered spring players.  If you did not get an email please let me know.

The tournament options are still a work in progress and will be announced at a later time.  I have received info. on some August options.

Please email me with any questions

Walter O'Brien