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2019 Vermont Stars Fall Foliage Classic Schedule Released!

                           2019 Vt Stars Fall Foliage Classic Schedule     Final  draft   
  Date gm# age   home sc   away sc Rink
  18-Oct 1 18u 12:30pm Rice Prep   v KES   C2
  18-Oct 2 12u 12:30pm Vt Flames   v Lady Flames   Essex
  18-Oct 3 18u 1:15pm OHA   v Northwood   C1
  18-Oct 4 14u 1:45pm Vt Stars   v Saratoga Blue Knights   Essex
  18-Oct 5 14u 1:45pm Dynamo HC   v Lady Flames   C2
  18-Oct 6 18u 3:00pm Rice Prep   v EC Wizards   C2
  18-Oct 7 12u 4:15pm Vt Flames   v Boston Shamrocks   C1
  18-Oct 8 12u 5:30pm Lady Flames   v Vt Stars   C1
  18-Oct 9 16u 6:45pm VT Stars   v Boston Shamrocks   C1
  18-Oct 10 18u 7:50pm OHA   v KES   Essex
  18-Oct 11 18u 8:00pm EC Wizards   v Northwood   C1
  18-Oct 12 16u 9:15pm ADK 46ers   v OHA 17s   C1
  Date gm# age   home sc   away sc  
  19-Oct 13 14u 7:25am Lady Flames   v Saratoga Blue Knights   C1
  19-Oct 14 14u 8:40am VT Stars   v Dynamo   C1
  19-Oct 15 18u 9:55am OHA   v Rice Prep   C1
  19-Oct 16 18u 11:00am EC Wizards   v KES   C2
  19-Oct 17 16u 11:10am ADK 46ers   v Boston Shamrocks   C1
  19-Oct 18 16u 12:15pm VT Stars   v OHA 17s   C2
  19-Oct 19 14u 12:25pm Dynamo HC   v Saratoga Blue Knights   C1
  19-Oct 20 12u 1:30pm Vt Stars   v Vt Flames   C2
  19-Oct 21 12u 1:40pm Boston Shamrocks   v Lady Flames   C1
  19-Oct 22 18u 2:45pm Northwood   v Rice Prep   C2
  19-Oct 23 16u 4:00pm ADK 46ers   v VT Stars   C2
  19-Oct 24 16u 5:10pm Boston Shamrocks   v OHA 17s   C1
  19-Oct 25 14u 5:15pm Lady Flames   v VT Stars   C2
  19-Oct 26 18u 6:25pm EC Wizards   v OHA     C1
  19-Oct 27 12u 6:30pm VT Stars   v Boston Shamrocks   C2
  19-Oct 28 18u 7:40pm KES   v Northwood   C1
  Date gm# age   home sc   away sc  
  20-Oct 29 14u 8:00am consol   v     C1
  20-Oct 30 12u 8:00am consol   v     C2
  20-Oct 31 16u 9:15am consol   v     C2
  20-Oct 32 12u 9:15am Final   v     C1
  20-Oct 33 18u 10:30am Final   v     C1
  20-Oct 34 14u 10:35am Final   v     C2
  20-Oct 35 16u 11:50am Final   v     C1
  Cairns Arena  399 Swift Street, South Burlington  VT
  Essex Skating Facility (at Essex HS)  2 Educational Dr, Essex Junction  VT




Fall Player Registration Link

2019 Stars Fall 12u and 14u Registration Link is live. Fill out the online registration form and we will be in touch with details. Walter O'Brien for questions wobrien@vermontstars,com